Want your business to feel good again?

Rethink the way you work.

Bring your ALL: Your purpose. Your brilliance. Your impact.

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You’re ready to reach your full potential and experience the joy of Being.

Imagine running your business with complete ease.

Focus. Harmony. Flow. Alignment.

...and way less chaos and overwhelm.

A business where you’re in your brilliance every single day.

You want to rethink how you use your time and energy so you can create more joy and impact with every day, every minute, of your life.

Because you can still burn out while growing a business you love.

You love your work and your craft. But you know -- all too well -- that feeling of edging closer and closer to burnout:

  • Drowning in tasks and a feeling of overwhelm that you just can’t shake.
  • Never feeling like you’ve accomplished enough, even though you’re already working over capacity and around the clock.
  • Creative work constantly taking a backseat to the less meaningful busywork.
  • Constantly feeling like you’re spread too thin as your business tugs you every which way. (Followed by an intense desire to clone yourself!)
  • When golden opportunities come knocking, you just don’t have the bandwidth or energy to follow through.

The truth is: the business you love doesn’t feel good anymore. Can you relate?

What’s really holding you back from building the meaningful, profitable, small and mighty business that you’ve always dreamed of?

Not enough time in the day?
Feeling forced to scale up your business?
In need of more productivity hacks?

What’s missing from your business is YOU. 

Because, my fellow entrepreneur, you -- in your element -- are the secret to your success. You, doing the work you were made for, is the key to a purposeful and profitable business.

Sounds too good to be true? I promise it isn’t. 

You ARE allowed to fill your workday with things you love to do. In fact, joyful action will lead to your greatest success.

So why are you spending your days messing around in the busywork?

Believe me, you’re not alone.

Too many entrepreneurs hide their genius behind “busywork” and consuming administrative tasks.

They also buy into the myth of entrepreneurship: that they have to do it ALL!

They get stuck in the DIY Habit, the “Work Harder” ethic, and the Self-Doubt spin-out -- all perfectly normal patterns that waste your energy and burn you out.

Maybe they sound familiar?

And what do these unhelpful habits have in common?

They steal your focus.

They keep you stuck.

They make business feel harder and heavier than it needs to feel.

If you want a business that’s built to SOAR, your focus is your superpower

And the secret to staying focused? Practice and Purpose!

Once you learn the art of focus and flow, and intentionally design your business to support you and keep you in your Zone of Brilliance, you will never look back.

You'll wake up every day connected with your life’s purpose and freed up to do the work you were born to do. 

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Welcome to

A place to stay fiercely focused on your goals, while you increase your impact on the world. For the solo entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, and service-based business owners who want to grow without losing touch with the work they love most.

The SkyHigh Collective is a 12-month group coaching experience that helps you grow your business simply and sustainably - and most importantly - without the overwhelm that causes you to spin your wheels and burn out.

You'll be surrounded by a community of business owners who are just like you ... powered by purpose and inspired to create their small & mighty, elegant businesses.

Let’s normalize a healthier and more fulfilling way of running your business.

Here's what our 12 months together will look like ...

Surround Yourself with Support

Gain clarity and create momentum at our twice monthly SOAR Sessions, as we combine mindset shifts with mastermind support to keep you moving forward and connected to your purpose.

Reset, Renew & Refocus

Step out of the busyness each quarter for a day-long Business Retreat to simplify workflow, gain clarity on how you serve your clients, and ensure your next steps are aligned with your bold business vision.

Discover Your Inner Wisdom

Your quarterly Private Coaching Calls empower you to become the leader you were meant to be by breaking through the blocks between you and and your potential.

Remove Overwork & Overwhelm

Become The Focused Entrepreneur as you cultivate the secret to reclaiming your energy and streamlining how things get done so you can work powerfully every day.

Map Out Your Big Beautiful Goals 

At our Annual Planning Party you'll connect with a community of fellow founders who will inspire and support you as you plan, prioritize and create your loftiest goals.

Design Your Elegant Business

Attend our Elegant Business Retreat to develop your proprietary signature process that streamlines your offerings, is efficiently delivered, and allows YOU to shine in your brilliance.

Achieve Results & Stay Accountable

Start and end your week strong with our Monday Productivity Huddle & Friday Weekly Wrap Up. You'll stay on track and focused on achieving results in your business.

Access systems, tools & templates

Gain instant access to our Virtual Systems Vault full of on-demand masterclasses, workflows, checklists and templates that you (or your assistant!) can simply plug into your business and use right away.

That means MORE impact, freedom, and all around joy!
Are you ready for it?

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What Participants Are Saying

"I recommend SkyHigh to any business owner looking to be more. More successful, more organized, more accountable. I'm already seeing new ways to work that make my days brighter."

- Trish Krause, Founder, Bite Out Of Life Nutrition


"It was time to step away from being responsible for everything in the business. Valeri helped me bring in systems and technology. Now I have my life back!”

- Nicole Meltzer, Director, Balanced U Academy


"Now, I do 50% less work and I make 100% more money.”"

- Chris Graham, Principal, TellPeople

Meet Your Co-Pilot

I’m Valeri Hall Little!

Certified Coach. Insightful Business Mentor. Former “Rule Follower”. Community builder and your number one fan.

I’m on a mission to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs grow small & mighty businesses all while feeling fulfilled every step of the way.

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If there’s one thing you leave with, let it be this:

You CAN reach your revenue, growth and profit goals.

  • Without scaling beyond what feels good.
  • Without hiring a large team.
  • Without constantly feeling drained and overwhelmed with your list of to-dos.

Yes, it's possible!

Over the years, I’ve developed a practical system to help entrepreneurs just like you, design their dream business.

Now, I want to show you, too.

It's Your Time To SOAR!

Get out of your head and into your brilliance.

To your Inner Critic, the “shoulds,” and the grind: Been there, done that.

It’s time to embrace a new way of being. Your business CAN feel easy and joyful.  

Afterall, there are no rewards for making it hard and unpleasant!

Remember this: The magic is in the energy behind your actions. 

Willpower and expectations can only get you so far. 

...purpose and energy will get you further.

Reignite that first day energy and feel as excited about your business as the day you started it.

Connect with your purpose. Commit to your craft. Fall in love with your business again.

All the while creating more freedom and ease in your life.

Let’s co-create your feel-good business so you can rise up and shine.